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Between 36 and 68 euros. Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room. Apartments La Peñita

Reviews of guests who have booked on our website.

The following ratings and comments have been written by guests who have booked through our website. These people have given us permission to publish their name, the dates of their stay and the evaluation that they have made of our establishment.

Days after their departure from Apartments  La Peñita, guests should have received a form measuring quality and customer satisfaction sent by the company Ecommerce Hotels, this company ensures that assessments have been made by people who have been hosted in Apartments  La Peñita unlike the comments posted on opinion portals, which do not guarantee that evaluations and comments have been made by people who stayed in our establishment.

Rating and evaluation of our costumers.


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Ernest Boyd

United Kingdom
Check-In: 2018-11-24
Check-Out: 2018-12-01

I like the cleanliness, the location and the friendly staff.

2018-12-10 16:34:39

Jackie Bowen

Northern Ireland
Check-In: 2018-11-13
Check-Out: 2018-11-24

Friendly staff. Perfect location . Keep returning every year.

Rooms and balcony area starting to look very tired

2018-11-29 20:23:09

Susan King

Director General

Hi! Thank you for your comment. We hope you have enjoyed your stay and we will look forward to seeing you again. Regards

Fergus O Loughlin

Check-In: 2018-11-13
Check-Out: 2018-11-21

Was given apartment in the block we had requested. Regular return guests Friendly staff Location of the apartments

2018-12-01 12:13:27

Fraser Emslie

Check-In: 2018-11-12
Check-Out: 2018-11-19

The location and staff of your hotel are perfect, the apartments are well maintained and have everything you need. The pool is looked after. There is always a friendly atmosphere within La Penita. I have been coming to La Penita for a number of years now and will come back for many more. Over the years I can't find fault

I can't find fault and in my opinion believe you do over and above my expectations.

2018-11-30 09:24:59

Susan King

Director General

Hi, Fraser! Thankyou so much for this great review. Number of years? Brilliant, we will look forward to seeing you again next time, kind regards :)

Neil Phillips

United Kingdom
Check-In: 2018-11-08
Check-Out: 2018-11-18

The friendlynes of the staff and a great location. Have been with you many times and hope to be many more.

2018-12-01 11:00:43

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