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Between 36 and 68 euros. Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room. Apartments La Peñita

Reviews of guests who have booked on our website.

The following ratings and comments have been written by guests who have booked through our website. These people have given us permission to publish their name, the dates of their stay and the evaluation that they have made of our establishment.

Days after their departure from Apartments  La Peñita, guests should have received a form measuring quality and customer satisfaction sent by the company Ecommerce Hotels, this company ensures that assessments have been made by people who have been hosted in Apartments  La Peñita unlike the comments posted on opinion portals, which do not guarantee that evaluations and comments have been made by people who stayed in our establishment.

Rating and evaluation of our costumers.


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Christopher Cronin

Check-In: 2017-09-26
Check-Out: 2017-10-26

Location, close to all amenities. Equipment in the apartment very good, even mugs for tea or coffee. Cleaning very good.

2017-11-08 12:41:09

Suzanne Tilson

Check-In: 2017-09-24
Check-Out: 2017-10-15

The friendly staff and cleanliness of the whole complex throughly enjoyed our stay,we will come back again.

2017-10-25 09:59:05

Susan King

Director General

Hi, Thankyou so much for this excellent score, glad you enjoyed it here and we will see you again next time, regards


Check-In: 2017-09-26
Check-Out: 2017-10-07

We like the proximity to amenities of shops and restaurants as well as the friendliness of the staff and nice well kept surroundings . The extended opening hours of the pool bar, and that people were using it. We used it most days. Provision of pool towels, super, lightens the load of the suitcase.

Enforce your sun lounger rules. People still are booking them in the morning, as early as 06.00,and not using them until after lunch, if at all.We did get a sun lounger every day though.

2017-10-13 12:16:27

Susan King

Director General

Hi Thankyou for your excellent review, we are glad you had a lovely stay and we will look forward to seeing you next time, regards

Barry Garton

Check-In: 2017-09-26
Check-Out: 2017-10-03

The view from Apt.230 marvelous the cleaning very good Could not comment on the pool and garden maintenance has we do not sit around them but they looked very clean and tidy. If I had one grievance it would be people are still putting towels Out early morning and going out all day to return for their Favourite spots

2017-10-19 15:37:21


United Kingdom
Check-In: 2017-09-12
Check-Out: 2017-10-03

La Penita feels like a home to us. Our cleaner in room 220 was excellent and so friendly. We like the continuing improvements made thro the complex. And Pedro is fantastic, friendly, helpful, entertaining, hard-working,brings people together.

Some saggy sunbeds need replaced or re-strung. People in garden rooms should NOT take the little sunbed tables into balconies or apartments overnight so they can have one next day. Some people still leave towels on sunbeds ALL DAY and don't use them.

2017-10-12 16:04:12

Susan King

Director General

Hi, Thankyou so much for your brilliant review, we are so glad you had a lovely stay with us. I will keep an eye on the little tables as I did not realise people took them into their rooms! we need to get a few more too. We will look forward to seeing you again next year :-) kind regards

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